Start of the winter term 20/21

14.10.2020 -  

Welcome to the OVGU

Dear students, for some of you this is the start of your students life and the start could certainly be easier than in times of a pandemic. Nevertheless, I wish you a successful start to your studies and I am sure that we will all gain valuable experience. If you are studying Media Education in the BA or MA, I can still recommend the introductory events on Thursday, 22nd October. In general, the OVGU's introductory days are certainly also helpful to get a first orientation.

Workshop: Misquoting? Can happen. Introduction to scientific writing

Also on 22nd October, there will be a workshop by Janne Stricker and myself at the Long Night of Scientific Work from 8-10pm, in which the first outlines of scientific work will be discussed. The workshop will take place at the university library.

Course registration

From now on you can register for the courses of my work area in LSF. You only have to register for the courses under the following links.

Internet Studies and Media Education: methodologies & theories Seminar (S)
Literacies for a digital world: coding literacy and creative coding Seminar (S)


If you have any questions, let me know.


 Please also observe the precautions and hygiene regulations in handling COVID-19 of OVGU.


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