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Critical Big Data Literacy

18.02.2020 -

I am very pleased to participate in the international working group on Critical Big Data Literacy (CBDL), supported by the Center of Advanced Internet Studies (CAIS) in Bochum, in the next few days and I am looking forward to the exchange. With the question "From Critical Code Studies to Critical Big Data Studies?" I will establish a perspective, that is dedicated to the cultural as well as educational implications of big data and is dedicated to a (big) data literacy.

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Lecture Series 2020: Autonomy in the digital age?!

15.02.2020 -

The interdisciplinary lecture series of the faculties of humanities and computer science, which takes place in the summer semester 2020, combines philosophical, cultural, educational and educational perspectives with positions from computer science and political science. The lectures are going to adress aspects of creating autonomy in the digital age against the background of freedom and control.

The lecture series takes place every Thursday from 5-7pm in lecture hall VI (building 44).

More information is available on the project page at

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Digitisation and securitisation of upbringing: interdisciplinary interventions

12.02.2020 -

The conference digitisation and securitization of upbringing: interdisciplinary interventions will take place in Liverpool on March 23 and 24.

This conference will bring together specialists in early childhood, digital sociology, and educational philosophy to explore the ethical, political, and pedagogical implications of these emerging and powerful trends.

The following Keynote Speakers will attend the conference: Babs Anderson (Liverpool Hope), Kip Kline (Lewis University, Chicago), Michel Vandenbroeck (Ghent University, Belgium) und Ben Williamson (University of Edinburgh).

This event is free, but registration is required at Further information on the location of the conference, travel, and accommodation options is available at:

The Call including the Abstracts of the Keynotes is available here as PDF.

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