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Digital Methods in Educational Science

14.01.2019 -

Together with Dr. Tobias Hölterhof, I will be discussing several aspects of digital methods in educational science at the colloquium of Working Group 9 with Prof. Dr. Böhm-Kasper at the University of Bielefeld. I am curious and looking forward to the exchange!

Spring Conference of the Section Media Education of the GERA

20.03.2019 -

On the 21st and 22nd of March the Spring Conference of the Section Media Education (GERA) under the theme Orientations in the Digital World takes place in Paderborn. I am pleased to be able to contribute a paper on the question of the General of Education in the Digital World in the form of a lecture and I look forward to the ensuing discussion. Further insights about the planned contributions to the conference can already be found in the abstract volume.

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Insights into Critical Code Studies and Approaches to Educational Science

18.04.2019 -

Next Tuesday, April 23, I will be a guest at the lecture »Introduction to Cultural Studies Methods« offered by Patrick Bettinger and Peter Moormann for the study program Intermedia at the University of Cologne. Here I may discuss some insights into critical code studies and approaches to educational science. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to represent this topic. An abstract (DE) on the topic is available here.

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