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Insights into Critical Code Studies and Approaches to Educational Science

18.04.2019 -

Next Tuesday, April 23, I will be a guest at the lecture »Introduction to Cultural Studies Methods« offered by Patrick Bettinger and Peter Moormann for the study program Intermedia at the University of Cologne. Here I may discuss some insights into critical code studies and approaches to educational science. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to represent this topic. An abstract (DE) on the topic is available here.

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Attending the IML-Conference in Passau/Germany

19.11.2018 -

At the end of the week, I'm going to attend the Information & Media Literacy-Konferenz 2018 in Passau/Germany. I'm excited to present a critical position of education and digital media by outlining the complexity of education in a digital world. I'm really looking forward to the discussion and the professional exchange.

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Some translation progress

27.09.2018 -

This site will soon be fully available in English. The news feeds are seperated by language, and I'm thinking of offering a news stream for both German and English articles in the future. But for now, some work needs to be done translating the content.

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