Which options do I have earning credit points?

As part of the courses, the options to acquire credit points will be determined and announced by the lecturers at the beginning of the semester. Usually the first session. These general conditions are based on the specifications and regulations of the specific study program. Students in the BA and MA Media Education have the option to realize an individual multimedia research project in addition to text based assignments. This can be, for example, webprojects, film projects and video (game) essays. An assignment/homework/project is always tied to a specific course and cannot be surveyed if you did not attend the specifc course.

Please attach a signed declaration of authorship to every final assignment you submit.

How do I develop a solid research question?

The heart of any scientific work is the research question and suitable scientific sources. To put it simple, it is a matter of answering a question. However, scientific questions are not answered somehow, but rather in a certain way using a specific method. In other words, answering a scientific question satisfies scientific criteria on the one hand and puts it in the scientific context on the other hand. How a scientific question can be developed is described in detail here.

How many credit points can I acquire?

The rules governing the composition and scope of assignments/homework/projects are outlined in the manuals and regulations of the specific study program. As a rule, a distinction is made between a small (4 CP) and a large (6 CP) assignment, which can also be composed of different smaller assignments. One credit point corresponds to about 30 hours of work.

What happens in the case of an attempt to deceive?

It sometimes happens that assignments, e.g. Homework submitted, are being downloaded from the Internet or copied from text books, partially or in full. This is a case of deliberate deception. You lose the general right to gain any certificate in this specific course. You also have to face the problem of moral damage: I would refuse to supervise or examine you in a thesis (e.g. a thesis). In this respect, such an action does not only harm discipline but above all yourself.

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