Here, you will find a regularly updated overview of the offered courses and a collection of frequently asked questions.

The following is an overview of past and current courses. In addition to the information offered on this page, the university information system HIS-LSF is available to you. There you will find all information about the courses at the OVGU.

Please note the central information about COVID-19 of the Otto-von-Guericke-University.

Current courses

Critical Data Literacy and Critical Data Studies Seminar (S) Master Dan Verständig
Bildung in der digitalen Welt: Grundbegriffe und Konzepte Seminar (S) Bachelor
Janne Stricker
Hackerkultur(en) Seminar (S) Master Dan Verständig
Internet Studies Seminar (S) Bachelor Dan Verständig
Projektleitung und Teamentwicklung: Virtuelle Teams Seminar (S) Master Dan Verständig
Was ist Digitalität? Seminar (S) Bachelor
Janne Stricker

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