Web Projects

Are there any rules on designing a web project?

No, basically there are no explicit rules regarding the design of websites. Nevertheless, it is advisable to follow some guidelines in terms of guidelines:

  • Please check the loading times of the website. Invoking a page on the web often requires loading a lot of extra files; large files, such as high-resolution images, cause longer load times.
  • Ensure the compatibility of the website with different browsers. Users use different browsers to view a page. Therefore, it is important that accessibility can be guaranteed. In general it makes sense to develop the website W3C-compliant. A good way to identify and then fix potential problems is to validate the markup.
  • Keep an eye on the user-friendliness of the website. The usability of a website makes a significant contribution to presenting the content in an interesting way. Scientific topics can take on a high level of complexity, so it makes sense to think about the structure and navigation of the page before starting any development work.
  • Scientific work.Even with an Internet project, the sources should be cited and listed in a directory.
  • Work with hypertext. Make use of the opportunity to set links to make more information available to readers. This makes sense especially for reference data.
To which extend do I have to code?

You do not have to be a web developer to make excellent internet projects. You can also access a wide range of content management systems to present the contents of your project.

You might find this list of tools and services helpful.


Can I embed podcasts or other types of digital media?

Yes, it is even desirable to include multimedia elements such as videos, podcasts, and other content that are relevant to the reasoning and answering of the research question. The network thrives on linking different sources and content. Consequently, it is only logical that one uses the hyperlink structures also purposeful.

Pay attention, however, to the applicable data protection regulations and the copyright framework.

What should be considered working on a web project?

An Internet project differs from a paper in the medial presentation. Instead of using a linear text, you can use all the media-specific options, provided that are helpful in working on your theme and following the research interest. A web project also contains a scientific question, which is worked out analogously to the term paper.

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