Term Paper

What is the difference between a small assignment and term paper?

A small assignment/homework builds on a previously held presentation and thus only reflects the contents of it. >It is recommended to pick out a focus and edit it in depth. Of course, sources are to be stated here and presented in a bibliography. It is assumed that both the presentation and the small homework is based on a question.

Both formats differ not only in scope but also in content. A small assignment/homework serves to re-formulate a topic that you have already prepared and worked on for a presentation and to deal with one aspect in more detail. In doing so, you can adopt argumentation and structure; in terms of content, the scopedoes not have to go beyond the chosen topic of the presentation. Formally, however, it has to meet the same scientific criteria as a large assignment/project.

A term paper has to go beyond the content of a presentation insofar as it makes reference to other topical aspects in addition to correct descriptive portions. If desired, you can also contribute your own empirical research project in the form of interviews, questionnaires or other scientific methods. In any case, the argumentation should ultimately be reflected. It must be clear that you are capable of estimating the limits and scope of your results.

How do I structure my paper?

A written paper is the basic form of scientific examination of a topic. The argument takes place over a question that has to be developed by using scientific sources and named in the introduction. It is important that the question is clearly demarcated and limited. The theme might not be a comprehensive topic such as "media and violence" to be treated in general, but a selected aspect / area.

As a rule, the introduction explains the relevance of the topic, the question and the structure of the work. In the main part, taking into account scientific sources, aspects of the topic that are necessary to answer and discuss the question are examined. In the final part, these aspects are bundled, attributed to the question and a conclusion.

For the preparation of scientific papers, as well as for theses, you can take a look at the corresponding notes on manuscript design.


How extensive must a paper be?

The amount of housework can vary and can not be considered as a basic measure of the quality of domestic work. Therefore, a guideline should rather be given here.

bachelor study program

master study program

25.000 Characters incl. Whitespaces (4 CP) 30.000 Characters incl. Whitespaces (4 CP)
35.000 Characters incl. Whitespaces (6 CP) 40.000 Characters incl. Whitespaces (6 CP)

This title page and references are included.

Of course, the housework can also be made as part of a group work. The total amount is reduced by approx. 10% per additional participant.(Example: Two students, Bachelor, 4 CP = approx. 45,000 characters incl. whitespaces)

Can I also submit a paper in digital form?

Yes, that is possible and desired. You can also send me your work in all common formats and regardless of the operating system via e-mail. If you prefer, you can of course also print it to me.

In any case, please attach a signed declaration of authorship to every final assignment you submit.

What are the submission deadlines?

As a general rule: Homework done during the summer term must be handed in at the latest by October, 15th of the respective year, and chores which are completed in the winter term must be handed in by April, 15th of the respective year at the latest.

In an individual vote another deadline can be chosen, but only before the general deadline has expired.

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